• Hiking to Las Animas from Boca de Tomatlán

    Departing from Puerto Vallarta

Hiking to Las Animas


  • Terrain: foot paths, stone steps, roots, sand, ocean.
  • Length of Ride: 4 hrs approximately.
  • Recommended for: Intermediate hikers in good shape.
  • Tour Includes: All transportation, guide, water, snacks en route, backpacks if needed. — Lunch not included — .
  • Minimum 2 people needed

Hiking to Las Animas: 6o USD per person 


Our day starts at downtown Vallarta where we will all ride in the car 35 minutes south along the ocean to the picturesque beach town of Boca de Tomatlan. This charming fishing village is where we start our breathtakingly beautiful and challenging hike. Crossing the emerald waters of the Tomatlan River we make our way up the hillsides and soon lose sight of the ocean. Climbing higher and higher through some of the thickest jungle foliage in the bay, we will see exotic butterflies, crabs, reptiles, and a variety of native birds in a multitude of colors. This hike hugs the coastline, so there is always an incredible view to be had. Navigating steep stone steps, roots, and rocks can be tough, but the secluded remote beaches along the way make a nice pit stop for water and a breather. After descending the hilliest part of the hike, you will find yourself on the vast sweeping sands of Playa Los Caballos, or Horse Beach.

This gorgeous spot means we are almost to our destination. A nice fifteen minute cool down on flat, beautiful beach and we have arrived to Las Animas! This golden sand oasis is home to a tiny fishing village reachable only by boat or hike. Here we can relax at the one of the palapa style restaurants and grab lunch. Order your favorite refreshing beverage and enjoy the gentle sea this beach is known for. When we are done in Las Animas, we will board one of the panga boats which will take us back to Boca de Tomatlan. The 15 minute boat ride is a great finish to an action packed day, you can check out how far you hiked from the perspective of the sea. Once back in Boca, we will all jump back into the car and head back to Vallarta.