• "Discover Scuba Diving" Course

Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta

All pvr tours offers the best Scuba Diving experience, the best professionals are with us. Scuba diving at Puerto Vallarta is not on the world map yet and this is what we want to achieve. The bay itself offers diving for all levels of certification. Whether you are just starting, or have years of experience, we have the dives for you.

Discover Scuba Diving in PV

This Discover Scuba Diving course is designed so that anyone and everyone can experience diving, you don’t need to be certified. Prior to ocean diving, our experienced instructors will teach you all the essential skills you need to know in a private swimming pool. Here you will get the basics of scuba diving followed by a practice in the pool.



AVAILABLE: 7 days a week / MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 6 people

In case that you did not feel comfortable in the practice at the pool and you do not want to do Diving on the next day, you may join the group and do some snorkeling instead. See price below, we will reimburse the difference in case you already paid for lesson + scuba.

Scuba lessons + Los Arcos Diving: 135 usd per person

Scuba lessons + Los Arcos Snorkeling: 95 usd per person


You will learn the PADI Standard Skills for the Discover Program:

  • How to clear the mask of water
  • How to find and replace the regulator
  • Equalizing Techniques
  • Swimming
  • And much more

This course is a cost effective way for people wanting to try diving for the first time. Try it in the pool with no obligation to dive. If it is to your liking, we can take you out the next day to one of our spectacular dive spots no more than 12m/40 feet deep.

All tours start at 9am. We recommend arriving between 8.30am and 8.45am so that we can get out early, and enjoy the sites before the others. We leave from Playa Mismaloya, a beautiful cove 15-20 minutes drive south of Puerto Vallarta with a great white beach, beautiful emerald colored water and a small river meeting the sea. All tours include the equipment rental (computer optional), light lunch (sandwich and fruit), plenty of wáter, and everything you will need to really enjoy your day to the fullest.


We exclusively use Cressi equipment to bring comfort, reliability and not a small amount of style to your day.


First time diver pool scuba instruction equipment rental (computer optional), light lunch (sandwich and fruit), plenty of water, and everything you will need to really enjoy your day to the fullest.


Swimsuits, Towels, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Mexican Pesos for: souvenirs, incidentals & gratuities.